Black Box Fan Diffuser



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*Includes Red Currant Fragrance Pod*

Having a dinner party and need to fragrance your home fast? Living or working in a space that doesn’t allow an open flame, but you absolutely must have your go-to Red Currant fragrance? Votivo's Black Box Fan Diffuser was created to solve these problems! The fastest way to fragrance is as simple as pressing a button. The diffuser works in tandem with Votivo’s Aromatic Fragrance Pods. After inserting the fragrance pod at the base of the diffuser, a simple press of a button will deliver immediate fragrance into your space. Once the button is pushed, it takes two to three minutes to fill a 20 square meter room. The fan will continue to release fragrance for 20 minutes. The diffuser will automatically stop operating at the end of the 20-minute cycle. For more fragrance, simply press the button again. One fragrance pod will last up to 25 hours!