Panda & Bamboo Pet Costume

Show and Tail

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Introducing THE BAM-BOO, Paw-some Panda Pup Transformation! 🐼🐢 Unleash the cuteness of a panda bear this Halloween with our unique dog Halloween costume. Watch as your dog magically transforms into an adorable panda right before your eyes! πŸŽƒβœ¨

The polyester-knitted faux fur mimics the iconic black and white markings, while the costume's details bring out the playful panda charm. 🐾❀️

Not only is this costume comfy and well-fitted, but it also captures the attention of onlookers. Get ready to turn heads as you and your pup confidently strut your stuff in this eye-catching ensemble. Let the panda magic create pandemonium this Halloween!