Talking Pet Doorbell

Hunger for Words (wholesale pet)

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With this pet doorbell, outside is just a press away!

Created by speech therapist and creator of the talking dog movement Christina Hunger, the Hunger for Words™ Talking Pet Doorbell helps your smart pets communicate their needs with a simple press of their nose or paw. Ready to mount on the wall with the included mounting strip or simply place on the floor near the door, this interactive pet toy features a 2-in-1 design that makes it easy to align with your talking buttons for pets—use the pre-recorded bell sound, or record your own word! With the help of expert advice written by Christina herself, you'll learn how to help your dog build the communication confidence they need to ask for potty time through dog training and obedience games!

Made from durable plastic and powered by AAA batteries (sold separately), this pet doorbell is ready for years of communication with your smart pets. And remember: learning takes time! For best results, practice with your dog every day, follow along with the training activities, and have fun together in the process! The only pet communication tools designed by Christina Hunger and approved by Stella, the world’s first talking dog, Hunger For Words™ pet communication tools help you teach, track, and support your pet on every stage of their communication journey!